For any of you with pets, we all know they are a member of our family.   So why wouldn’t we make sure they get the best possible medical care?  This has been a concern of ours when we are on the road.   What if there is an emergency, and we cannot locate up to date veterinary records?  When our pet is sick or injured, the last thing we want to worry about is paperwork, right? Without a complete record, the veterinarian treating your pet would have no proof of any past treatment your pet has been given. This in turn could alter the treatment plan in a way that would not be the best approach for your pet’s recovery.  

It was while listening to a Podcast on RV Industry News hosted by Greg Gerber, that a perfect solution to this dilemma got my attention.   Greg’s guest was Laurie Leonard who created an online service,, that store’s pet’s medical records to help pet owners who travel!   Not only can these records can be accessed by another vet in an emergency situation, but also by a campground, groomer or anyone who needs to verify a current rabies shot.  Check out the website to read about Laurie’s story.   You will understand why it is so important, and you will love her CEO.

This will be on our list for things to do before we hit the road.   We will update you with our experience once we can provide a real-life testimonial.




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