Some of you may want to join the RV lifestyle, but are on the fence because you think you are going to be away from family too much.  It’s understandable, and believe us when we say it’s a consideration.

It’s going to be a bittersweet change for our family life.   For those who live close to us, we will no longer be able to pick up the phone and get together for a quick meal or cook out.   For those who live far away, we hope to see them more often. When we visit all, our vision is to driveway mooch or stay at a nearby campground in our own home on wheels.  We will be able to stay longer and work around their schedules without using their food, sheets, towels, etc or breaking their home and work routines . Our advantage in living the RV life is that we’ll have the mobility to accommodate and spend time with not only our immediate, but extended families.  That pretty much covers the all regions of the USA.

The members of our family are pretty tech savvy.   We’ll be able to leverage FaceTime, Skype and other platforms to stay in close touch.   We’re hoping everyone will take advantage of our travels and share in many of our experiences.  Our door will always be open.  Our time will be focused on activities and experiences that will last a lifetime.   It is our hope that our family will take the opportunity of our adventure and meetup with us so they too can experience the joys of seeing new places and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle.   Without a doubt, this will create some wonderful, unique family memories.

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