Transition Times

Transition Times

Transition times can be difficult, but they can also invigorate your spirit.   Currently, we are amidst some hair pulling logistics.  Namely, minimizing our stuff and finishing up some renovations.   Specifically, we are preparing to list our home as of June 1st.   For this purpose, we are donating, trashing, or selling a plethora of stuff collected over the years.   One source of inspiration came from Marie Kondo.  Her philosophy in determining what items “spark joy” and which don’t narrowed it down.   In addition, we are painting, tiling, and cleaning our house like it has never been before.   Isn’t that the way?  We get the house to look like we always wanted it to when we sell!  Despite all the work, we find purging a liberating experience.  After every haul of stuff, we get lighter, mentally and physically.

After all our research and planning, it is starting to get some traction.  In particular, we have taken some actionable steps.   Firstly, we have lined up an Airbnb for our transition home!   It is perfect for a transition to RV life in that it is a little less than 400 square feet.   Furthermore, we have reserved a small storage unit and picked out our moving company.   Now, all we have to do is sell the house, and of course purchase our RV.   We are relatively comfortable that it will be a quick sale.   The location and small inventory lends to finding an interested buyer.

In short, we are excited about our transition.  We believe it will give us a positive effect as we enjoy the luxury of time to expand our curiosity and physical activity.  Most importantly, we will get outside in nature and find our wild.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”  John Muir


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