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It was inevitable that we,  Joe and Elaine, would think “outside” of the box when we retire from our jobs.  Specifically, outside means two things.  One, living life literally outside in nature, and two accomplishing it outside of the traditional retirement box.  Our idea to travel throughout North America in a RV full-time did not happen overnight.  Our initial spark was after a visit to Bryce Canyon National Park.  As our jaws dropped over its beauty and diverse landscape, we knew we had to create a plan.  Hotels and airlines are not our thing, and travelling in an RV just made sense.  There are so many advantages!  First and foremost, we would have our own tiny home on wheels, and our own bed.  Also, because we will have a kitchen, we will eat healthier.  Lastly, we get to park in places with gorgeous views, and the list could go on.  This is our dream, and it is now starting to take shape after four years of extensive research and planning. 

Our Mantra is:  “Less Stuff = More Experiences”

We share a mutual love for outdoor adventure, and believe that getting out of our comfort zone will create incredible and unforgettable experiences.  Since we will be free to go as we please, we can base ourselves in interesting places and explore from there.  We feel life is too short to stay in one place.  If we had all the answers, this would not be a journey, so as we take this “Lovely Ride”, we will share the lessons we learn along the way, the good, bad and the ugly!

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